Clearing Discolored Water Instructions

Given that this is the time of year when water utilities experience a majority of water main breaks, it is also the time when a majority of the discolored water events occur as well. Here are some basic instructions on how to clear the discolored water from your home:

 1.  Please wait for the work being performed to be completed by the District.  Check the District Website for status and updates.

  2. Once the work has been completed,  wait for approximately one half hour and then run the cold water tap in your bath tub until it runs clear.   If it does not clear in five to ten minutes, shut off the water and wait an additional 45 minutes to 1 hour and try again.

 3. Once the tub tap runs clear, run all other cold water taps until clear.   

  4. If hot water was used during discoloration, you may want to flush the hot water tank and lines as well. Most hot water tanks have taps on the bottom of them which a garden hose can screw onto. Run it until it becomes clear.   5 minutes is about average.

 5. One note of interest and a good rule follow for home maintenance, when doing spring cleaning considering flushing out your hot water tank. Given that it may collect discolored water from the events over the winter.