Crooked Spring Water Treatment Plant

Crooked Spring Road Water Treatment Plant

The Crooked Spring Treatment Plant went online in the Spring of 2007. Nine of the District’s wells, including the four gravel-packed wells at the Meadowbrook #3 Pumping Station are processed through this plant which utilizes aeration and greendsand filtration techniques to remove elevated levels of iron and manganese from these wells, administer pH controls and is a certified 4 Log treatment facility. This plant has emergency redundancy built into it by the inclusion of a back up UV Disinfection System. Crooked Spring also employs two unique operations. First, the backwash water from the filters are handled onsite by a Aquifer Re-introduction Lagoon System and second the plant receives roughly 56% of its power from its 0.5 Megawatt ground mounted Solar Array which came online in October 2010. Should you have any question concerning this plant's operation or would like to schedule a group tour, please call the District offices at 978-256-2381.