Terms & Elections

Board of Water Commissioners

Bill Martin, Chairman
Term Expires - 2023
Ronald W. Wetmore
Term Expires - 2024
John G. Harrington
Term Expires - 2025
Water Commissioners, Election, Terms, Etc.

"The Chelmsford Water District shall, after the acceptance of this act as aforesaid, elect by ballot five persons to hold office, one until the expiration of three years, one until the expiration for two years, and three until the expiration of one year from the next succeeding annual district meeting, to constitute a board of water commissioners; and at every annual meeting thereafter one such commissioner shall be elected by ballot for the term of three years, thereby reducing the number of the commissioners to three.

All the authority granted to said district by this act, and not otherwise specifically provided for, shall be vested in said board of water commissioners, who shall be subject however, to such instructions, rules and regulations as the district may by vote impose. Said commissioners shall appoint a treasurer of said district, who may be one of their number, who shall give bonds to the district in such an amount and with such sureties as may be approved by the commissioners."

Quorum Vacancy

Any vacancy occurring in said board from any cause may be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by said water district at any legal meeting called for the purpose. No money shall be drawn from the district treasury on account of water works except upon written order of said commissioners or a majority of them.