Emergency Response

If you are having a water emergency and it is after normal working hours, please call the main operation line at (978) 256-2931.  

You will hear a recording from the auto attendant telling you to leave a clear message as to the nature of your emergency.  Please speak slowly and clearly and the on call technician will return your call promptly.

Remember to leave a call back number.

If there is a water main break, that is affecting multiple residences, we will update the front page of the website during normal working hours, or as soon as possible during non-working hours.

If you have discolored water, the best course of action is to flush an outside line to clear your service line from the street.  If the weather is not suitable for outside flushing, try to flush the cold water only at the tub.  Refrain from flushing through a sink as most of the time they are screened, or have low flow devices installed, and they can clog due to the sedimentation.