Water Quality

Since the beginning, Chelmsford Water District's goal has been to produce the highest quality drinking water for all its customers.  We are proud of our history of quality service.

To maintain our commitment to you, our operators routinely collect and test water samples every step of the way - from the source waters right to your home - checking purity and identifying potential problems. Our well sites are constantly maintained, evaluated and upgraded to stay abreast of advancements in technology, health science and government regulations.  Our water quality labs are the heart of our quality assurance program.  Staffed by highly trained scientists and technicians, the state-certified labs have the latest, most sophisticated instruments, and can measure substances down to one part in a billion!

Through foresight and planning, efficiency in operations, and focus on excellence in customer service, we will provide you the best quality drinking water at an economical price.  For more information about this report, or for any questions relating to your drinking water, please call Todd Melanson, Environmental Compliance Manager, at (978) 256-2381.